June plum carrot drink

carrot and june plum drink

Carrot June plum drink has a pleasant fruity taste! The perfect thirst-quencher for those long and hot summer days! Refrigerate and serve over cracked ice.

12 June plums/washed/peeled/remove flesh from seed
4 carrots/washed/scraped/cut into small pieces
Piece of ginger/washed/diced
The juice of 1 small lime
Sugar to sweeten (granulated)

1. Wash June plum, (you can peel the June plum if you want, sometimes I do, other times I don't). Remove the flesh from the seed.

2. Wash and dice carrots and  ginger and add to the bowl with the June plums.

3. Add a portion of June plum, carrots and ginger to a blender, and pour enough water to cover them

4. Blend until well smooth. Pour out the juice into a large bowl

5. Repeat the process until all the June plums, carrots  and ginger have been blended

6. Strain the juice through a strainer. Strain the juice a second time through a piece of cheesecloth

7. Sweeten with sugar. Add the juice of 1 lime. Serve over cracked ice and enjoy

Cucumber pineapple drink

pineapple cucumber drink

Pineapple and cucumber blended together make a cool and refreshing drink. The climate in Jamaica is very hot and windy ( dry dusty winds) at this time

4 lbs. pineapple (I used sugar loaf)
1 large cucumber (seeds remove, my preference)
Sugar to sweeten, if you chooses
1 oz. ginger root
enough water to blend ingredients

Wash and peel pineapple and ginger. Cut pineapple, cucumber and ginger into medium size chunks

Put some of the pineapple chunks, cucumber and ginger into a blender and add enough water just to barely cover the ingredients. Blend until well combined

Pour the mixture into a container and repeat the step for the remaining ingredients.

Pour mixture through a strainer and strain again, using a piece of cheese cloth or dish towel.

Sweeten to taste using your choice sweetener, I used granulated sugar

Pour into a jug and put to be chilled or serve with ice

Store in the fridge for up to 1 week